Ali Xeeshan Theater Studio

Brand Identity Design

Designing the brand identity for Ali Xeeshan Theater Studio was no less than a challenge. Ali Xeeshan is undoubtedly one of the most creative and bold fashion designers of Pakistan whose work speaks volumes. He wanted a logo that could reflect all the energy, playfulness, and vibrance of his theater studio.

What could reflect all those attributes better than a monkey? So for Ali, the monkey was a definite yes, but it had to be one of a kind. We looked at dozens of monkey species from around the world and studied their types, looks, colors, and textures. The creative process involved playing around with all those borrowed elements and their juxtapositioning to develop a perfectly balanced form with fine and intricate details that Ali’s work embodies. Through a collaborative process, that idea took many shapes and eventually resulted in this new, mischievously bold, and intricately beautiful logo mark and identity design that reflects his own uncanny sense of boldness and unharnessed imagination.