Jaffer Hussain

Writings on the Walls

Our obsession with writing on the walls is perhaps inherited from our prehistoric ancestors who once painted the walls and ceilings of the caves with symbols, images, and inscribed stories on the mountain rocks.

Thousands of years down the road, as we moved out of the caves and inhabited the cities, so did our writings and manifestations of our ideas that took the city walls by storm. Wall chalking, graffiti, social awareness messages, product and business advertisements, political and religious slogans, there is hardly anything you would miss on these walls.

The journey has evolved and now we have social media walls that never go out of space so how can we be short of words and stories. Never in the history of mankind, we have written this much that we witness today on these social walls. Although, when we got introduced to social media, we were under the impression that now individuals would have their own personal walls or call them space that one would be entitled to call their own. But it did not take us long to realize that even these so-called personal walls are swarmed by all those types of content that we experience on the walls of our cities. The same clutter and randomness of information overload that once covered the faces of our city walls have now crept into our so-called personal spaces on all social media that exist and that we are now accustomed to.

It would be interesting to see where our obsession with “Writing on the Walls” would take us from here? What other forms these social walls would take or transform into? Would the very nature of this chaotic and visual culture ever change, regardless of what forms these walls would take?