Jaffer Hussain

Jeff Hussain


Jaffer is a creative consultant helping brands, businesses, and organizations with creative and brand-building strategies, and improved user experiences to uplift their image and value in a highly saturated and competitive world.

Jaffer’s professional career spans more than 20 years with a wide array of experience in the creative industry. From working at some of the most prestigious advertising agencies, media, and tech companies, to all the way founding and establishing his own companies, and venturing into some very challenging projects.

He is the only Pakistani designer to be featured in the famous “New Web Pick” digital magazine, Hong Kong.

Jaffer is currently involved in directing a feature-length 3D animated film that is in its last leg of post-production. He is also the co-writer of the story and screenplay for the movie. 

Design education is one of Jaffer’s key areas of interest. Jaffer is also associated with academia as a visiting faculty of the Visual Communication Department (VCD) at Beaconhouse National University. Design Thinking, UI/UX Design, and Screenwriting are his favorite subjects of study and advocacy. He is a strong proponent of using design not only as a tool for creative communication but also for strategizing, planning, and improving personal and social life and environment. 

  • 2019

    Jaffer was a speaker at UX Pakistan in 2019. UX Pakistan is a not-for profit venture, a community and a forum that aims to bring thinkers (designers, developers, business leaders, architects, artists, craftsmen, end-users and everything in between) together on one platform to share, collaborate, learn, educate and emerge as the creators of tomorrow.

  • 2019

    Also as an exhibiting artist, Jaffer’s work has been part of “Crossovers”, a first of its kind group show of twenty diverse professional designers, artists, and architects exhibiting their creative practices together. Without conforming to a particular genre, the show aimed to float beyond the limitations of disciplines and break away from conventional boundaries.

  • 2018

    Jaffer was an active member of the organising team as well speaker of the Design Summit-Prologue events in 2018. The summit aimed to bring the design educators and design fraternity from the industry together to initiate an academic discourse on design as a growing discipline.

  • 2016

    Jaffer was the member of Pakistan’s CreativeDelegation for China on the 67th Anniversary of Chines Communist Party at Bejing in 2016. He participated in designing and managing cultural events that included live performances for the Chinese and Pakistani delegations and diplomates.


Writing has always been a fulfilling experience for me. It shapes my silly and complex thoughts into words that otherwise would mostly stay within me.


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